Who is Abhigya Anand ?

Who is Abhigya Anand ?


Abhigya Anand is a 14-year-old boy who lives in Karnataka and by profession he was an astrologer and he also runs a youtube channel. The name of the youtube channel is CONSCIENCE he has almost 716k subscribers and uploaded 760 video on their youtube channel.

Why he was in trending ?


The story of Abhigya Anand is very interested because it was related to the new COVID-19 or coronavirus Prophecy. He has uploaded a video on 22 August 2019 on their youtube channel in which he told about the coronavirus I mention above the name of the youtube channel. and I also gave you a LINK” to the video in which Abhigya Anand told about the coronavirus. If you want to know about coronavirus then click  on “LINK“.

What is in the Abhigya Anand video?


In Abhigya Anand video he predicts that many things happen in the world between November 2019 to April 2020. That is given below -:

1. In this video, he was saying that between November 2019 to April 2020 the war happens between India and Pakistan.

2.He was also talking about the USA and Iran.He saying that war happens between America and Iran between November 2019 to April 2020.

As we know nothing happened but one correct thing happen.

3.He was saying that a virus has come in the world and bispot on 31 march.

4.The virus affected many countries and there is no treatment of that virus.

5.At the end of the may of 2020, this virus affected approximately 80% of people in the world and 20% population of the world will die by this virus.

6.He was also saying that after the 30 may the virus will be in control and the first week of September the virus will end and after September the virus will go out from the world.

7.But after that many countries will suffer from the shortage of food.

what happened whey this guy upload the video ?

when this guy upload a video on their youtube channel many of people to make fun of that guy but now everyone
believe in him.

know about the fact of  coronavirus click on the “LINK

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