what is plasma therapy

In this post we will discuss everything about Plasma Therapy step by step. I have to bring all the important information in this post. So that you guys can understand everything about plasma therapy and how this plasma therapy for coronavirus helpful in this critical time.

what is plasma therapy.

In common language, when the pathogen(virus) is attacking the human body. The body starts producing antibodies to fight against the virus for preventing his body and once the patient cover-up from the virus. To fight with the virus antibodies start producing inside his blood called Plasma Therapy.

what is plasma therapyThe human blood fluid contains four main components – Red Blood, White Blood, Plasma, and Platelets. From these Doctors will only take platelet-rich plasma and the rest of the blood injecting back to the donor body. They took stored plasma from his body and transferred to the patients affecting by the same virus to help him in developing antibodies to fight against the virus.

 Because every human body act differently some people have a high immune system, but some have a low immune system to fight against the virus.With the help of plasma therapy, Medical science can transfer the Plasma from a recovered person to the new patients to increase their ability to fight against the virus.


Plasma Therapy History.

This plasma therapy used in history to fight against many other viruses.

  • SARS epidemic 2005.
  • H1N1 Virus 2009.
  • Ebola Virus 2014.
  • MERS Virus 2015.


How Plasma Collected | Plasma Therapy Procedure.

The blood sample took from a fully recovered patient of the virus, once it’s confirmed that the sample full fill all criteria. They start the process of collecting platelet-rich plasma and transfer to the affected person. The donation of plasma is just like blood donation the entire process takes an hour but before donating the plasma the donor must qualify some criteria.

1- Donors must be symptom-free from viruses before donating plasma.
2- Can only donate for two weeks or 14 days after recovery.
3- Before donating he must be physically fit.
4- No prior health problems.


 Plasma therapy for coronavirus.

As we all know the coronavirus came as a deadly virus for all over the world.  We all believe that our medical science improved a lot to fight against anything. But this coronavirus / covid19 is way more danger and deadly virus. Our medical science working 24/7 to evaluate vaccine for covid19 but still they are trying to achieve.
In this critical movement, Doctors in India tried Plasma therapy for coronavirus on Indian patients and they saw very good results in their patients.


what is plasma therapy
plasma therapy coronavirus


Plasma therapy given to a 49yr old critical patient at Delhi Max hospital. The good news is the patient now starts recovering in just four days of plasma therapy. After that the Indian Government started a trail of plasma therapy and requested there recovered patients to come up and donate their plasma. Till the time vaccine for covid19 is not available may be plasma therapy for covid19 will help us.



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