What is Capsule Endoscopy ?

Introduction to Capsule Endoscopy

pill camera capsule endoscopy

Basically capsule endoscopy is known as a pill camera it is a Bio-Electronic device that is very small in size and this device looks like a pill.

Capsule endoscopy is a procedure used to record internal images of the gastrointestinal tract(digestive tract) for use in medical diagnosis this could travel through your body taking pictures of inner parts of your body and helping doctors to treat patients for diagnosing problems.

In general, the doctor preferred wired endoscopy procedure or we can say that colonoscopy it is also used to examine the inner part of the body -it is a flexible fiber-optic tube with a tiny TV camera at the end.

But a pill camera is new techniques and it will be very effective so it will be used for medical purposes.

Inside a Capsule Endoscopy

pill camera video pill,endoscopy

Now we talk about the inside part of the capsule endoscopy (pill camera) device as we know the pill camera(capsule endoscopy) is small in sizes so it contains necessary parts only -:

1.Optical Dome

This is the shape results in easy orientation of the capsule axis along the central axis of the small intestine and so helps propel the capsule forward easily.

2.lens holder

The lens holder is that part of the capsule which accommodates the lens. The lens is tightly fixed to the holder so that it doesn’t get dislocated anytime.


The lens is an integral component of the capsule.It is arranged behind the light receiving window.

4.illuminating led

Around the Lens & CMOS Image sensor, four LED’s ( Light Emitting Diodes ) are present. These plural lighting devices are arranged in donuts shape.

5.CMOS image sensor

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Image Sensor is the most important part of the capsule. It is highly sensitive and produces very high quality images.It has 140º field of view and can detect objects as small as possible.


Battery used in the capsule is button shaped and are two in number as shown in figure.The batteries are arranged together just behind the C M O S Image Sensor.

7.ASIC transmitter

The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Transmit t e r is arranged behind the Batteries as shown. Two Transmitting Electrodes are connected to the outlines of the ASIC Transmitter.These Electrode are electrically isolated from each other.


As shown, the Antenna is arranged at the end of the capsule it is enclosed in a dome shaped chamber.

Procedure of Pill Camera(capsule endoscopy)

capsule endoscopy,pill camera,colonoscopy

1.Capsule is swallowed by the patient like a conventional pill.

2.A wireless recorder, worn on a belt,receives the images transmitted by the pill.

3.It takes images as it is propelled forward.

Image taken by pill camera (capsule endoscopy)

pill camera

These are the image that taken by the pill camera.

Application of capsule endoscopy

1.Crohn’s Disease

2.Mal-absorption Disorders

3.Tumors of the small intestine & Vascular Disorders

4.Ulcerative Colitis

5.Medication Related To Small Bowel Injury

Advantages of capsule endoscopy

1. Painless, no side affects or complications.

2. Small size, so can move easily through digestive system.

3. Accurate, precise, and effective images taken are of very high quality which are sent almost instantaneously to the data recorder for storage.

4. Made of bio-compatible material, doesn’t cause any harm to the body.

Disadvantages of capsule endoscopy

1.Patients with gastrointestinal structures or narrowing are not good candidates for this procedure due to the risk of obstruction.

2. The Pill will get stuck if there is a partial obstruction in the small intestine.

3.Impossible to control Camera behavior.


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