Green Tea Shot Recipe

What is a Green Tea Shot?

Green tea shot is a shot-sized mixed drink, or we can say cocktail which can go down in a taste or you can likewise appreciate it in 4-5 flavours. In this blog, we are also talking about Green Tea Shot Recipe.

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A green tea shot usually is produced using the Jameson Irish whiskey. The shot doesn’t contain genuine blended green tea.

Its name as such in light of the green shades and not on account of its fixings. However, the blend has an aftertaste like Zen tea.

The perfection relies upon how much the liquor goes into the combination.

Green Tea Shot Recipe

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss green tea shot recipe so, guys  I will grave only 5-7 minutes of your life and give you a best green tea shot recipe.

After you learn how to make green tea shots, you then served it’s to your guests and family members I sure that you get appreciation from each and everybody.

The ingredients and directions are according to one glass and the absolute time taken for the green tea shots up to around five minutes. Don’t hesitate to make changes where fundamental.

Green Tea Shot Ingredients

Now we can see what’s in green tea shot is made with four ingredients.these are the four ingredients that we used for making  green tea shots.

Here the list of  Green Tea Shot Ingredients they contain a total four ingredients.

  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Sour mix
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Lemonade or Sprite

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  • Jameson Irish Whiskey This is the green tea shot with Jameson is the main ingredients that we use in green tea shot. That is unmet and malted barley, maize, and Irish water from the Dungourney River local to the distillery.The cost of Jameson Irish Whiskey-:
    Jameson Irish Whiskey750ml$21.99 – $22.99
    1L$27.99 – $29.99
    1.75L$37.99 – $44.99
    750ml$24.99 – $31.99


  • Sour mix Sour mix is a liquor cocktail mix made of equal parts of lemon and lime juice with some simple syrup that’s been mixed and shaken with ice cubes. You can buy it from any liquor store and in some grocery stores.
  •  Peach Schnapps  Schnapps is one of the types of distilled spirit. Real schnapps is authentic by fermenting fruit juices along with the base liquor, so schnapps is considered a fruit brandy or eau de vie. The result of this schnapps process is a more reliable and often transparent distilled spirit, much like a lightly-flavoured vodka.
  • Lemonade Roll fresh lemons with your palm on a hard surface (this makes them juicier). Cut and juice lemons, removing seeds. Add a little water and sweetener (honey, white sugar, or stevia) and stir.

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How to Make a Green Tea Shot

To make the best green tea shot, you will need the ingredients listed above in additional you have a shaker and some ice cubes.

  • Now you take Half an ounce of Jameson Irish Whisky in a jar.
  • After that, you take Half of  an ounce of peach schnapps.
  • And take some dash of lemonade.
  • And Half of the ounce of sour mix.
  • 2-4 ice cubes.

Green Tea Shot Recipe phonedesire


  • Combine all of the ingredients the Jameson Irish Whiskey, peach schnapps, and sour mix in a cocktail shaker with a couple of ice cubes.
  • Then after Shake it for about 10 seconds to combine all of the ingredients.
  • Pour your shot glasses 3/4 full with the green tea shot mixture.
  • Add lemonade at the Top of each shot.

Now your best Green Tea Shots is ready.

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Things to know about Green Tea Shots

Green Tea Shot Alcohol

Green tea shot is make by alcohol, or however, the main thing that makes your green tea perfect is alcohol. So the main query arises in our mind that how much alcohol we add in our green tea shot to make it complete. So the quantity is 40% of your total drink quantity. I was already mention above that in how much amount of Jameson Irish Whiskey you add in Green Tea Shot, but this gives you the best idea.

Calories in Green Tea Shots 

Its usually to arise a question in your mind that how much calories green tea shots have so here is your answer.

A calorie isn’t a thing, and it’s a unit of measurement. A calorie measures the quantity of energy in the food and beverages that we have taken.

Green Tea Shot Recipe phonedesire

We all need this energy to live and stay healthy. Everything we do relies on the power that comes in the form of calories.

A calorie is the amount of heat need to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

Calories in food provide energy to our body in the form of heat so that our bodies can function. Our bodies can store and “burn” calories as fuel.

Many dieters count calories and try to decrease caloric intake to lose weight, So the amount of calories in green tea shots have is 85.

Fat in Green Tea Shots

Fat is a fundamental piece of our eating regimen and is essential for acceptable wellbeing. There are various sorts of fats, with certain fats being more beneficial than others.

It is important to eat unsaturated fats in limited quantities as a significant aspect of a decent eating routine.

When eaten in huge sums, all fats, including sound fats, can add to weight gain. Fat is higher in vitality (kilojoules) than some other supplement; thus eating less fat, generally speaking, is probably going to help with weight reduction.

Eating less soaked and trans fats may help bring down your danger of coronary illness when purchasing items check the marks and pick the assortments that are lower in immersed and trans fats and higher in poly and monounsaturated fats.

So total fat in green tea shots is “O” So you can drink green tea shots free of mind because green tea shots contain 0 fat its mean green tea shot is a fat-free drink.

Price of Green Tea Shots in the USA

green tea shot Ingredients phonedesire

If you go outside from your home and looking for a perfect green tea shot, then you quickly get this drink from your nearby bar, and it will cost you around 9-12 USD this is the price of only one shot.
If you can make a green tea shot in your home, you can make 5-6 shot in your home in just 10 USD.


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